Upcoming Kickstarter

Hellooooooo Game Changers

Such an exciting time for us here at Angelblood Publishing LLC. The book is finally done. Yes. It is DONE!!!

We have a kickstarter that we will be launching later this year (2017). Start spreading the word now and let everyone know.

Just in case you don't know much about us I will explain out what it is we do here so you can see how awesome and different the opportunity is we are attempting to bring to life. Please visit and like our page at facebook.com/angelbloodrpg if you have not done so already.

We have published the version of our table top role playing game Angelblood. The game system itself is not very difficult to grasp but we do admit there is some number crunching involved but nothing crazy...We Promise.

Players have the ability to completely customize and augment their characters and their abilities in whatever manner they choose.

After creating a character the player can begin telling the story that they want to tell. The Angelblood system rewards players for being proactive during their story rather than reactive. Slightly different from most table tops where the players are required to be reactive to the situations the GM puts in front of them. When playing Angelblood the GM's job is to simply keep the world around the players consistent. The world adapts to the players and how they play in order to give them a challenge.

If the player chooses they can keep notes on the sessions they play until their character has reached a level where the player wishes to retire them.

At that point the player can upload their session notes to us and we will begin the process of creating and publishing their story in a graphic novel format. The player receives full creative credit for the story and works with the chosen illustrator to bring their to life.

More details are available in the video section of our facebook page but that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

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