500 years ago, long before this age of technology we live in today the first supernatural war took place. Normally mankind would not have the ability to see supernatural beings of any kind. One man and his companion entered the supernatural war and displayed extreme amounts of bravery, ferocity and honor. They not only survived the war but proved to be valuable assets within Satan’s army. Because of their example God and all other supernatural beings bared witness to the true potential the human race offered and therefore earned all mankind the ability to see and interact with all supernatural beings. Humans now have the ability to see and interact with supernatural beings. That doesn’t mean that all of mankind wants to. Since the end of the war a vast majority of people have convinced themselves these sightings of monsters, vampires, werewolves and alike are their imaginations running wild. Others have welcomed their new ability and coined it “Spirituality”. These people begun developing their gift to make it stronger and are teaching themselves how it can be used more efficiently.
Now as we approach our modern day time period more and more humans are starting to enlighten themselves to their own spirituality. The number of supernatural sightings that have been reported are increasing annually and have now risen to the point that they are being reported daily. As tried and true as the saying is, “man will always fear what it does not understand.” As the number of supernatural sightings increases so does mankind’s fear that these beings are living and walking among them. With mankind’s ever present fear on the rise, coupled with the lack of understanding and leadership from governments in place around the world humans rebelled against everything they had been accepting of for so many years. Governments were overturned and without their presence a large amount of people turned to The Order of the Church for leadership and guidance. Mankind at this point in time is on the brink of civil war. Nobody trusts anybody. Long standing allied countries began to dissolve, and later the lack of trust spread to populations within the same county. The world was turning into an every man for himself type of ideology.
The need for leadership was overwhelmingly apparent. Without it, mankind would have eventually endangered its own existence. Viewing this as an opportune time to seize the power; Earth’s largest corporations came together in what was the largest bail out ever. As time progressed, riots and civil unrest broke out in small pockets worldwide. Military resources were stretched thin, but some governments were reestablished. Private police and mercenary groups owned by the corporations were contracted out by governments to keep the peace in volatile
areas. Mankind was just tired of being manipulated and lied to. A call for a new structure was in demand, citizens around the globe began to unite and asked that all government leaders step down. Fighting the citizens in the court of public opinion and in the streets with the constant riots became too expensive. The governments could not continue to support itself. They turned to the corporations for help. The corporations had already bought a lot of property from respective governments in anticipation of this event and constructed a very strong alliance within themselves. All of the corporations united under one banner; one name. The Black Sun Corporation signified change and a new beginning. It was an eclipse of the old Earth and the start of a new Earth. What The Black Sun Corporation did essentially was buy the right to govern the entire planet. They disbanded, bought out and shut down rival corporations. The Black Sun Corporation instituted marshal law using their private military and police forces to enforce their laws. Within one year the riots stopped. The Black Sun Corporation appealed to the citizen’s discomfort and assured them they were working relentlessly to find answers regarding the supernatural beings and spirituality. Coincidentally, a new corporation would emerge to aid humans regarding this matter.
As with all things, absolute power; corrupts absolutely. The leaders of The Black Sun Corporation, which were all representatives of other corporations got big headed, lost their loyalty to their original corporations respectively, and started to run The Black Sun Corporation as not an entity made up of large parts but rather as an entity itself. This caused many verbal near violent confrontations among the corporations. Eventually without any bloodshed all of the corporations were able to come to a compromise and split up all of the occupied territories evenly between themselves.The unoccupied territories later called freezones were a hot bed for violence and supernatural encounters. These areas generally have a large land area that is heavily under developed, all of which are contributing factors to them being unoccupied. A young business man named Zee constructed a small empire through the sale of narcotics and other medications. He took control of these unoccupied zones, and brought a little order to these lawless areas. With Zee confronting the supernatural problem head on mankind no longer was intimidated by the pressure of the supernatural beings. Humans began to look at Zee as a hero, and many came to join his organization. Currently The Zee Corporation has the largest number of employees in the world and because of the veil of heroism surrounding Zee they are the most loyal.
50 years have passed since The Black Sun Corporation purchased the right to govern the world and things are starting to appear as normal as they can be. With the Z drug out on the market, humans can detach themselves from their spirituality. Enabling them to tune out sightings of supernatural beings and go about their business each day in peace. The corporations have enlarged, and dissected the large metropolitan areas around the globe into zones to be ran, taxed and policed by one corporation dubbed corporate zones. Though the peace between the corporations has lasted The Black Sun Corporation has returned to dominance with the development of black steel, and the bad blood between
them is starting to return. Something bigger than the first supernatural war is brewing, everyone can feel it, but not everyone will be ready.
Will you be?